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Areas of Specialization

Planning, documentation and representation are the three thumbs for a sucessfull professional, which require highly specialised skill and knowledge on the subject. We, here being professionals, see our future in the ambit of knowledge, which we gain through deep study in an analytical way of different Acts, Rules, Circulars, Notifications etc. issued by different authorities and try our best to apply them. Our main focus is to identify the opportunities for clients that can help them to manage their affairs in most effecient manner. We provide a wide range of services to various individuals, industrial establishments, trusts and NGOs that includes:-

  •  Indian Taxation and International Taxation Services in India
  •   Business Process Outsourcing
  •   Foreign Exchange Laws, FDI & International Agreements
  •   Capital Market/Securities Transactions
  •  Audit Assurance 
  •   Company Formation & Compliances
  •   Financial Services
  •   Sales Tax & VAT 
  •   Service Tax 
  •   Forensic Services
  •   Commercial &  Intellectual Property Right
  •  Accounting Service


National and International Taxation in India

We apecialize in under taking direct tax support services for Multinational Corporate, Companies, LLP, Partnerships, Trusts & NGOs and Individual clients like Foreign Nationals and NRIs and may be provided both at client place as well as at our own offices. The services are suitably customised for each client being provided include the following:-

      -        Preparing, maintaining and managing tax related records and reports as per the specific requirement for the client. 

-         Coordination with the accounts department for tax related support and reconciliation.
-         Handling day to day tax matters including replying to the various tax notices and providing tax supports.
-     Conducting Tax Audits as per the provisions of Indian Taxation Laws and providing necessary support to statutory auditors.
-      Conducting the Transfer Pricing Audit and establishing the nexus to prices charged on principal to principal basis.
-       Under taking consultancy and certification services needed for making foreign remittances and representing before international taxation authorities in connection with any matters arising out of foreign remittances.
-        Under taking tax representations before revenue authorities for Tax Assessment of Income and Transfer Pricing cases and other tax matters at ITAT Level.
-       Tax Compliance including advance tax and filing of Income Tax Returns, TDS, withholding tax and filing of various returns and issuing TDS certificates.
-         Tax reporting to the Parent Company on defined frequencies
-         Providing services relating to PAN, TAN, online tax credit view etc.
-         Seeking Advance Ruling
-         Discussion with senior councils for any matter appealable to the High Court or Supreme Court.
Business Process Outsourcing
We provide business process outsourcing solution to many reputed MNCs. We deal in providing book keeping for USA and Spanish clients. We carefully manage the work provided to us. Our experts are thorough with all payroll processing and have good experience in preparation of bank reconciliation statement.  Our services are provided at competitive market rates
-         Book Keeping for USA and Spain
-         Tax Return for USA, Spain and Japan
-         Pay Roll Processing
-         Bank Reconciliation Statement
Foreign Exchange Laws, FDI and International Agreements
Today’s life is moving towards globalization. Government of India also has considerably liberalized the process of regulations and approvals for the Foreign Direct Investment. We offer comprehensive services to foreign investors in facilitating the Foreign Direct Investment and the procedures under the Foreign Exchange Laws. Our services broadly cover the following areas for our clients. 
-         Advising overseas entities on entry strategies and setting up business in India
-         Incorporation of subsidiary of foreign entities
-         Setting up of branch office/liaison office/Project office of foreign entities
-         Setting up of joint venture in India
-         Advising Indian companies on raising funds from overseas through External Commercial Borrowings.
-         Technical collaboration between Indian and foreign entities
-         International Agreements
·        Commercial Agreements
·        Joint Ventures Agreements
·        Franchise Agreements
·        Agency Agreements
·        Distribution Agreements
Capital Markets/ Security Transactions
Capital market is a market for securities where business entrepreneurs and Government can raise long term funds either through primary or secondary market. We can be a helping hand to the following services:-
-         Domestic IPO/ Right Issues and listing of companies
-         Acquisition of shares under private contract
-         Acquisition of shares of listed companies and compliance with SEBI Takeover Regulations
-         Delisting of companies from Stock Exchanges
-         Overseas listing of Indian companies through ADRs/ GDRs/ FCCBs/FCEB’s/ AIM listing route
-         Registration of FIIs with SEBI
-         Regulatory and Advisory Services
Audit Assurance Services
While conducting audits we strictly adhere to the audit norms after studying the working systems, nature and volume of business and advise suitable changes and make valuable suggestions to promote efficiency and achieve better results. Our range of audit assurance services includes:-
-         Statutory Audit
-         Internal Audit
-         Management Audit
-         Concurrent Audit
-         Investigative Audit
-         EDP/Information System Audit
-         Cost Audit
-         Revenue Audit
-         Income leakage Audit
-         Stock Audit
-         Receivables Audit
-         Special Audit
-         Income Tax Audit
-         Sales Tax Audit
-         Prospectus Audit
-         Customer Satisfaction Audit
-         Special Responsibility Audit
-         Forensic Audit
-         Regulatory Approvals
-         Certification and attestation service under various statues
Company Formation and Compliance Services
Starting business is like setting the base of the building and since our inception, we have beening offering these services and provide a platform to do the business by forming an artificial person being created by law.  Our services in this range are known for credible acceptance with authenticated reveiws and sucess strictly abided by laws, rules and regulations maintained by authorised agencies. Relying on our diligent advisory team, we provide accurate solutions, advices and assistance to our clients in the following activities:
-         Formation of Indian and offshore companies, setting up liaison offices, branch offices and project offices.
-         Assistance in Mergers, Acquisition and Takeover of companies
-         Drafting and maintenance of minutes of Board and Shareholders’ meeting, maintenance of statutory records and registers.
-         Advice on various matters under the Companies Act, 1956 including appearing before the Company Law Board.
-         Preparation and filing of various forms and return with registrar of companies.
-         Winding up/striking off the name of the company from the Registrar of the Companies under the Act.
Financing Services
We offer fund raising, consultancy and strategic alliance formation services helping organization having potential to grow and gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets with the help of the following tools of our efficiency and knowledge
-         Guidance on governance standards that need to be established to align finance with the business.
-         Maintain compliances, control and interaction with the financial institutions.
-         Offer opposite balance of controls with insight & challenge those that are not constraints of the business.
-         Provide an efficient performance mechanism of finance.
-         Recognize changes as the normal state and explore new possibilities to embed changes in the financial organization.
Vat and Sales Tax Related Services
The transactions of sales and purchases involving movement of goods within the state (Intra State) are governed by respective state VAT Acts and on transactions which involves movement of goods from one state to another (inter-state), the tax is levied under Central Sales Tax Act (CSTA), 1956. This Act also covers transactions of importation of goods in India or exportation of goods out of India. Sales Tax is not imposed on export or import of goods, however, registration is required for the same. We specialize in under taking the work assign to us and the client can feel free for the following:-
-         Getting registration under Delhi VAT and Central Sales Tax and helping the client to get the documents and records prepared.
-         Preparing, maintaining and managing VAT and Sales Tax related records and reports as per the specific requirement for the client.
-         Coordination with the accounts department for VAT and Sales tax related support and reconciliation.
-         Handling day to day tax matters including replying to the various tax notices and providing tax supports.
-         Conducting Sale Audits as per the provisions of VAT Laws and providing necessary support to statutory auditors.
-         Under taking consultancy and certification services needed for getting credit under the VAT credit in case of Import of goods and export realization in case of export of goods.
-         Under taking tax representations before revenue authorities for Sales Tax Assessment and assisting the client in case of inspection and  audits being conducted by the authorities.
-         Tax Compliances including depositing VAT and Sales Tax and filing of VAT and Sales Tax Returns, getting credit of TDS under works contracts and helping the exporters in getting their sales tax refund.
Service Tax related Services
Service Tax has now become one of the major sources of yielding revenue to the exchequer. It has been extended to several services in India. The Rules, Regulations and various procedures laid down under the Service Tax are very cumbersome and tedious. Tax has to be deposited in treasury with in stipulated period and various returns are to be filed within the specified dates in the prescribed forms failing which penal action is called for.
We have specially trained staff to handle the entire service tax work and you may entrust this Burdon on us and feel free to focus your attention to enhance your business or profession. The services suitably customized for each client being provided include the following:-
-         Getting the registration from the Authority
-         Preparing, Maintaining and Managing Service Tax related records and reports as per the specific requirement for the client.
-         Coordination with the accounts department for Service Tax related support and reconciliation.
-         Handling day to day service tax matters including replying to the various tax notices and providing service tax supports.
-         Under taking tax representations before service tax authorities for Tax Assessment of Services and for other disputes.
-         Tax Compliances including depositing of service tax and filing of Service Tax Returns.
-         Discussion with senior councils for any matters appealable to the High Court or Supreme Court.
Forensic Services
A thorough forensic analysis is conducted by us to ensure that our client enjoys optimum profit. A panel of experts carries a detailed examination of the transactions and a minute detail of every document is prepared. An extensive background study is done with all the authenticity of assets possessed and is verified to ensure the maximum security to our clients.
-         Fraud Awareness Workshops
-         Fraud Risk Assessments
-         Information Risk Security
-         Litigation Support
-         Investigation
-         Background Check
-         Assets Tracing
-         Vendor Monitoring
Commercial & Intellectual Property Right Services
Advising on aspects related to the following:
-         Foreign Contribution/Donations
-         Formation of Partnership Firms, Societies and Trusts.
-         Import and Export Law
-         Environmental Law
-         Strategic Tax Planning and Compliances
-         Registration of STPI units, EHTP units and 100% EOU.
-         ISO Registration
-         Registration of Trade Marks
-         Drafting of Trade Mark License agreement
-         Copyright Registration
Accounting and Financial Services
We report according to our clients’ individual requirements and meeting the required accounting standard (IFRS and US GAAP). Our professionals have sound financial reporting knowledge and they work with IFRS. With a prospective focus on the impacts of accounting rules, regulations and implementation, our teams can design accounting and financial reporting processes for advising clients from a management perspective. We have a team of specially trained staff to the particular requirement for the following services:-
-         Business/financial accounting services to small, medium and large enterprises
-         Help in designing of an accounting software or selecting ready made software suitable for the clients’ requirements.
-         Inventory Control Management.
-         Payroll Management
-         Consolidation of Accounts and preparation of Financial Statements
-         Preparation Projected Financial Statements
-         Management Accounting
-         Cost Accounting
-         Valuation of Business, Goodwill and Brand
We have an extensive client base ranging from commercial organization to service sector organizations. Our client profile includes:-
-         Nationalized Bank
-         Scheduled Banks
-         Limited Companies
-         Private Limited Companies
-         IT Companies
-         E-Commerce Business
-         Consulting Engineers
-         Infrastructure Giants
-         Hospitals and Nurshing Homes
-      Educational Institutions 
-     Restaurant and Chain System
-         Hospitality Organizations
-         Stock Broking Business
-         Co-operative Societies
-         Trusts and NGOs
-         Partnership Concerns
-         Proprietary Concerns
-         NRIs and Individuals
-      Construction Companies
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