8C. Scale of fees to be charged by a registered valuer.

(1) Subject to the provisions of sub-rules (2) and (3), the fees to be charged  by a registered valuer for valuation of any asset shall not exceed the amount calculated at the following rates, namely:—

(a) On the first Rs. 5,00,000 of the asset as valued                              1/ 2 per cent of the value;

(b) On the next Rs. 10 lakhs of the asset as valued                               1/ 5 per cent of the value;

(c) On the next Rs. 40 lakhs of the asset as valued                               1/ 10 per cent of the value;

(d) On the balance of the asset as valued                                           1 /20 per cent of the value.

(2) Where two or more assets are required to be valued by a registered valuer at the instance of an assessee, all such assets shall be deemed to constitute a single asset for the purposes of calculating the fees payable to such registered valuer.

(3) Where the amount of fees calculated in accordance with sub-rules (1) and (2) is less than Rs. 500, the registered valuer may charge Rs. 500 as his fees.