8D.  Form of report of valuation by registered valuer.

The report of valuation by a registered valuer in respect of any asset specified in column (1) of the Table below shall be in the Form specified in the corresponding entry in column (2) thereof and shall be verified in the manner indicated in such Form :—


Immovable property (other than agricultural lands,
plantations, forests, mines and quarries)
Form O-1
Agricultural lands (other than coffee, tea, rubber and
cardamom plantations)
Form O-2
Coffee, tea, rubber or cardamom plantations
Form O-3
Form O-4
Mines and quarries
Form O-5
Stocks, shares, debentures, securities, shares in partnership
firms and business assets including goodwill but excluding
those referred to in any other item in this Table
Form O-6
Machinery and plant
Form O-7
Form O-8
Works of art
Form O-9
Life interest, reversions and interest in expectancy
Form O-10.]