9. Amendment of Schedule M VAT ACT


9.  Amendment of Schedule

(1) The State Government may, from time to time, by notification in the Official Gazette,--
(a) amend the Schedule by adding or modifying or deleting any entry therein and thereupon the Schedule shall stand amended accordingly for the purpose of levy of tax;
(b) provide for reducing or enhancing the rates of tax or for specifying the rates of tax where NIL rates are specified, and thereupon the Schedule shall stand amended for the purposes of this Act:
Provided further that, no notification which provides for enhancement of rate of tax shall be issued after the expiry of the period of two years from the appointed day and not more than one such notification shall be issued within such period.
(2) The provisions contained in sub section (6) of section 83 regarding rules made by the State Government shall apply mutatis mutandis to any notification issued under sub-section (1) as they apply to the rules made by the State Government.