17. Fresh Registration M VAT ACT


17. Fresh Registration

(1)Every registered dealer who holds, on such date as the Commissioner may by notification in the Official Gazette specify, a certificate of registration, which is valid on the said date (hereinafter, in this section, referred to as “the existing certificate of registration”), shall obtain in lieu of the existing certificate of registration a fresh certificate of registration as provided in this section.
(2)   Every dealer, who is required to obtain a fresh certificate under sub-section (1), shall apply in such form, manner and time and to such authority as may be prescribed; and such application shall be accompanied by the existing certificate of registration together with all additional copies thereof, if any, issued to him.
(3)   On receipt of such application, the prescribed authority shall, subject to rules, issue a fresh certificate of registration, in the prescribed form to the applicant; and thereupon the fresh certificate of registration, soissued, shall, for all the purposes of this Act, be deemed to he a certificate of registration issued under section 16.
(4)   Without prejudice to the other provisions of this Act, all the existing certificates of registration shall stand cancelled with effect from such date as the Commissioner may notify in the Official Gazette
(5)   The Commissioner may, by the notification issued under sub-section (1) or (4), also provide that such notification shall apply only to such class of registered dealers as are specified in the said notification and such notification may be issued by him, from time to time.
(6)   The provisions of this section shall mutatis mutandis apply in respect of any other certificate issued by or under the provisions of this Act as they apply in respect of the certificate of registration.