48.Set off, refund, etc. M. VAT ACT



48.Set off, refund, etc.
            (1) The State Government may, by rules, provide that.—
         (a)   in such circumstances and subject to such conditions and restrictions as may be specified in the rules, a set-off or refund of the whole or any part of the tax,—
(i)                 paid under any earlier law in respect of any earlier sales or purchases of goods treated as capital assets on the day immediately preceding the appointed day or of goods which are held in stock on the appointed day by a person who is a dealer liable to pay tax under this Act, be granted to such dealer; or
(ii)                paid in respect of any earlier sale or purchase of goods under this Act be granted to the purchasing dealer; or
(iii)              paid under the Maharashtra Tax on Entry of Motor Vehicles into the Local Areas Act, 1987, be granted to the dealer purchasing or importing motor vehicles;
(iv)             paid under the Maharashtra Tax on Entry of Goods into the Local Areas Act, 2002, be granted to the dealer;
(b)                      for the purpose of the levy of tax under any of the provisions of this Act, the sale price (…) may in the case of any class of sales be reduced to such extent, and in such manner, as may be specified in the rules.
(2) No set-off or refund as provided by any rules made under this Act shall be granted to any dealer in respect of any purchase made from a registered dealer after the appointed day, unless the claimant dealer produces a tax invoice, containing a certificate that the registration certificate of the selling dealer was in force on the date of sale by him and the due tax, if any, payable on the sale has been paid or shall he paid and unless such certificate is signed by the selling dealer or a person duly authorised by him.
(3) Subject to the provisions contained in sub-section (4), where no tax has been charged separately under any earlier law, the rate of tax applicable for the purposes of calculating the amounts of set-off, or refund in respect of any earlier sale or purchase of goods, or for the purposes of reduction of sale or purchase price for levy of tax, shall be the rate set-out against the goods in the relevant Schedule under any earlier law..
(4) Where, under any notification issued under this Act or as the case may be, any earlier law, any sale or purchase of goods has been exempted from the payment of whole of sales tax or purchase tax, then, for the purposes of sub-section (3), the rate of tax applicable shall he nil; and where it is exempted from payment of any part of sales tax (or purchase tax), the rate of tax applicable shall be the rate at which the payment of tax is to be made by virtue of such exemption.
(5) For the removal of doubt it is hereby declared that, in no case the amount of set-off or refund on any purchase of goods shall exceed the amount of tax in respect of the same goods, actually paid, if any, under this Act or any earlier law, into the Government treasury except to the extent where purchase tax is payable by the claimant dealer on the purchase of the said goods effected by him:
Provided that, where tax levied or leviable under this Act or any earlier law is deferred or is deferrable under any Package Scheme of Incentives implemented by the State Government, then the tax shall he deemed to have been received in the Government Treasury for the purposes of this sub-section.

(6) Where at any time after the appointed day, a dealer becomes entitled to a refund whether under any earlier law or under this Act, then such refund shall first be applied against the amount payable. if any, under any earlier law or this Act (….)and the balance amount, if any, shall be refunded to the dealer.